Resilience & Wellbeing

I have always been fascinated about human nature and how we navigate the upheavals and changes throughout our lives.

I travelled extensively in my twenties and lived abroad in both Italy and New Zealand. It was after having my daughter and enduring a number of major upheavals, that led me to qualify as a counsellor. This opened up new opportunities for me, where I became an executive coach, specialised in leadership, communication skills and emotional intelligence and led teams in the corporate world.

My experience with clients has often highlighted how we can become excessively driven in one area, may sometimes be at a cost to other aspects of our lives.

If you are interested in gaining more balance and fulfilment in your life I can help.  I am dedicated to empowering others to remain resilient through stress, change and loss.

As a counsellor, homeopath and mindfulness practitioner I offer one to one sessions and workshops to inspire and support individuals on their personal journey to a more fulfilling life. These are also available online.

Resilience & Wellbeing
Our Fit for Success Resilience Program is perfect for organisations, aimed at managers and leaders to manage themselves and others with practical tools and techniques.
Our new ECNA-LAB process is a unique two-part programme. To regain your balance from the inside out and find joy in stress. Using the latest scientific research and tools to build resilience through self regulation; mini-workshops and podcasts to support the journey as well as one to one coaching.
Counselling, Coaching & Homeopathy
A combination of complementary therapies to navigate a change you may be embarking on or in the midst of and various approaches to manage your emotions, challenges and goals. You may select the approach that would work best for you. Sessions can be delivered in person or online though social media – a one to one approach tailored to you.