Leadership, Manager Development & Resilience

We design and deliver bespoke workshops and programs to businesses large and small to engender leadership capabilities at all levels, through leading self, leading teams, leading the organisation and your clients. We are able to offer classroom and online learning options to our clients, to meet their specific needs.

Our clients are able to maximise business opportunities, create high performing teams and individuals accelerate their career progression.

Leadership Development
Our leadership acceleration program is aimed at senior managers preparing for key leadership positions, as part of a success planning process. Establishing the key leadership competencies and behaviours required, designed and delivered through a blended modular approach utilising a range of Psychometric Tools / One to One coaching and action learning tailored to your firm's leadership priorities.
Manager & Team Development
We offer a range of key manager skills to increase impact and confidence of all managers, to develop and manage their teams. These include presentation skills, influence skills, team leadership, performance management, confidence & adaptability to change.
Resilience & Wellbeing
Our Fit for Success Resilience Programme is perfect for organisations. Aimed at managers and leaders to manage themselves and others with practical tools and techniques.